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Pro Tech Painting is a full-service painting business that specializes in residential and commercial painting services. We have been in the painting industry for 24 years. Our painters are licensed in 4 states and cover most aspects of full-service painting. Some areas of expertise are new home construction (custom and track), repaints, interior painting, exterior painting, wood staining and lacquering, concrete coatings, cabinet resurfacing and elastomeric coatings.




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New Home Construction

Full-service painting means it's done right, right from the start
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Our licensed painters can repaint any surface to give them new life
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Concrete Coatings

Pro Tech Painting can coat your concrete services to make them look like new
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Cabinet Resurfacing

No need to replace your cabinets, let Pro Tech Painting resurface them
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Full-service painting means inside or out, we've got you covered
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Wood Staining and Laquering

Our licensed painters can stain or lacquer your wood for a nice, natural looking finish


Our full-service painting process is seamless to make sure you're taken care of from start to finish.

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Yes, part of our full-service painting service includes matching any color of any brand of paint manufacturer.

Yes, all contractors are required to be licensed in the state of Utah through the Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing (DOPL). To verify a person claiming to be a licensed contractor, you can simply go to dopl.utah.gov. Pro Tech Painting is fully licensed and bonded.

A contractor’s bond policy (“bonded”) has nothing to do with passing a security check. It simply means that there is an insurance policy in place by the state to cover finishing a job when using a licensed contractor if the contractor can’t or doesn’t finish your project. Pro Tech Painting is fully licensed and bonded.

Latex paints contain chemicals called plasticizers that assist in proper film formation and keep the coating flexible. Many vinyl and plastic weather-stripping materials also contain plasticizers to make them flexible. When the two surfaces come in contact with each other, they have a tendency to stick to each other. This condition, known as blocking, generally occurs during the early curing time of the coating, but it can continue for some time. Blocking can also occur on, interior doors, cabinets, double-hung windows and garage doors. The easiest way to prevent blocking is to use a non-blocking acrylic paint.

Yes, we can give a full-service painting bid over the phone. However, it is typically an approximation until our licensed painters are able to look at it in person.


Buck Howard has been in the full-service painting and coatings industry for the last 27 years. He is a licensed painter in 4 states and has accumulated a wealth of product and painting experience throughout that time. Over that time, he has worked with federal, state, and local government projects. He has painted custom new construction, track homes, re-paints of all types, anti-graffiti coatings, and concrete epoxy coatings.